James Field

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Player - Sebastiaan 'Bas' Gheysen

Name - James Field


picture by Hilde Heyvaert

Clan: Daeva (Status 0, one of the few remaining Daeva in the domain of Antwerp)

Age: 25

Current location: The domain of Antwerp

Specialties: Music, boxing, sword fighting

Brief history: James is a young Daeva of British origin. He used to be part of a rather famous metal band and traveled the world giving concerts. When his sire was brutally murdered, James decided to venture into Belgium. Soon after, he met Marcus Erana who introduced him to the Carthian Movement. Under the dominion of Jorgo Proklyatova Meccha, he was Scourge of Antwerp for a short time. He never felt at ease amongst the Carthians and when he grew better acquainted with Lady Kathryn, he decided to become a member of the Circle of the Crone. He is known for being fearless, seductive and undaunted but fiercely jealous where his mistress is concerned. He is part of the rather infamous coterie Malinas in the Mist. Currently, he is focusing on studying the occult under the strict supervision of Lady Kathryn. Together they indulge in... Shall we say.. An alternative lifestyle

Additional Rumours and Stories

Others about James Field

Ophelia Schwartz, Circle of the Crone: And then they call me trouble, hah :)

marcus erana , gangrel carthian good guy ! ....sometime's

Hendrik Buckinkx: "I used to think of him as expendable canon fodder. I still see him in that role, but I'd rather not have him find out."

Joshua St-Martin, skin rider For some reason he doesn't seem to like me, for the life of me, I couldn't say why *sarcasm*.

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